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  The Basic English Society, Japan,

is a group of Japanese working on and teaching Basic English. Most of them are teachers. This Basic English Society, helped by the GDM teachers, is to have a one-day public meeting on 22 October, at Mita Fukushi Kaikan, 4-1-17, Shiba, Minatoku, Tokyo. It's five-minute walk from JR Tamachi Station.

10:00 is the starting time of their business meeting. There will be, in addition, a number of public talks given by Ms. Aizawa, me, and Mr. Katagiri.

Ms. Yoshiko Aizawa is an expert of language science, university teacher with long experience and writer of books on English. One of her books is on Basic English.


  Another Letter in the Thai Paper

Mr. Bill Templer's letter on Basic English, printed on The Nation, an English newspaper in Thailand, got a good reaction. Another letter, this time by someone from Thailand, was printed on the 11 September copy of the same paper.

"Simplified English Might Make Diplomacy Less Difficult" is about Mr. Surapon Vatanavigkit's experience, when he was at Western Michigan University, of reading a book on Basic, and about statements made by Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The book which Mr. Vatanavigkit came across was probably a number of books made into one: an account of the system and some examples in Basic.

The news of the second letter printed on the same paper was sent to me last week from Mr. Templer. It's very kind of you!


  It's not warm today. This may

be the best time of the year in our part of Japan. The time of sundown is getting earlier. Days are getting shorter.



  Letter in a Thai Newspaper

Thailand has a long history of being by itself, not dependent on or ruled by another nation. The Thai men and women have their language and their ways of living. Most of them, however, have to take time learning English at school. They seem to have a hard time learning the very different language and a great number of them are unhappy about the experience.

The Nation, an English-language newspaper in Bangokok, put a letter with a suggestion that they make use of another international language like Esperanto.

On 2 September, the newspaper put a letter on Basic English. It was from Mr. Bill Templer, an American teaching English there. Mr. Templer says that learning Basic takes much shorter time than Esperanto. He, in addition, gives some facts about Mr. Katagiri and other teachers working on Basic in Japan.

If you are interested, please get the page bookmarked from here, go down the page, and see the letter: "Learning a language does not need to be so difficult."


기초 영어 or Baza Angla. If you have knowledge of 850 English words, you may have a good time reading this daybook, Ryota's day-to-day notes, in Basic English, for college-level learners of English as a second or overseas language. Notes are generally on English or other languages, American or other writers or writings, and music or motion pictures based on those writings.

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