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Ryota's Daybook had a sudden increase of new readers yesterday. So I did some work on the Network and made certain that it was not a trick on the first of April. A great number of new readers came through bookmarks on pages by Yuzuru Katagiri.

Mr. Katagiri, or Yuzurusan, is a writer/producer of books, university teacher of languages, and trainer of a special way of making one's body and mind free of unnecessary conditions, the way named Alexander Technique. As a language teacher, he has been teaching early Japanese and Basic English using Graded Direct Method in Japan for 50 years.

If you are a reader of Japanese, you will see a great number of interesting writings in his pages online:

If you are a reader of English as a first, second or overseas language, you will see his writings in Basic.

"Working Memory":
"Language Learning Is Not an Automatic Behavior":



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기초 영어 or Baza Angla. If you have knowledge of 850 English words, you may have a good time reading this daybook, Ryota's day-to-day notes, in Basic English, for college-level learners of English as a second or overseas language. Notes are generally on English or other languages, American or other writers or writings, and music or motion pictures based on those writings.

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