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Evangelos O. Papathanassiou is a music writer and keyboard player, who made the music for the motion picture Alexander. Evangelos generally goes, outside of Greece, by the name of "Vangelis."

Because he is Greek, he certainly has the knowledge of Greek music which goes well with the picture based on old Greek history. Because he's been working on machines for making music, he certainly has the knowledge of new music which goes well with the taste of today's music lovers.

This time, in addition to his Greek-European sounds, he makes use of sounds and rhythms which have the feeling of Africa, the Middle East, and India. They give, to the viewers of the motion picture, feelings of great land masses where the king and his men went across, and tastes of persons living in different ways there.

The picture of Vangelis playing keyboard instruments is from an online page of SonyMusic.



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기초 영어 or Baza Angla. If you have knowledge of 850 English words, you may have a good time reading this daybook, Ryota's day-to-day notes, in Basic English, for college-level learners of English as a second or overseas language. Notes are generally on English or other languages, American or other writers or writings, and music or motion pictures based on those writings.

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