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  Color or Colour?

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I make use Ogden's Basic English mostly as designed by Ogden, with small changes. The changes I have made is the use of letters for words "
behavior," "color," "gray," "harbor," "humor" and "plow."

They are different from the way used on Ogden's list. On his list, they were like this: "behaviour," "colour," "grey," "harbour," "humour" and "plough." Most writers in Britain, and probably in Austraria, New Zealand, India and South Africa, still put the words this way. Because they had been put like this for a very long time there, it would have been less trouble for them. It was one thing which Ogden was on the side of British.

The system of letter-use which I make use of was started by Noah Webster, long time back, in America. It's been the common way of putting words in the United States, and probably in some parts of Canada. I put myself on the side of the Webster system, NOT because it is American, but because it is more regular, and it will be kinder to early learners. Same sound: same group of letters.


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기초 영어 or Baza Angla. If you have knowledge of 850 English words, you may have a good time reading this daybook, Ryota's day-to-day notes, in Basic English, for college-level learners of English as a second or overseas language. Notes are generally on English or other languages, American or other writers or writings, and music or motion pictures based on those writings.

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